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About Lonnie

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“You can’t appreciate true love without knowing true pain, in the end the love you gain is worth the heart ache it took to acquire because truly, there is nothing in the world better than looking into the eyes of someone who you know truly loves you.. Everything else fades away and for once in your life you feel complete.

There will only be one person in your life who will be able to calm your fears with the sound of their voice, or that will be willing to stand by you through all troubles life brings.. Only one person will ever open their heart to you and forgive you for everything before you do it simply because your very existence is precious to them.

People will come and go, but there is always this one person who will stand out, this one person who will remain a constant thought..

Know that, understand it .. and don’t give up.. if you do, your life is already over..”

— Lonnie

A little about me:

I’m into music big time, I love just about any kind, but I’ll admit country is at the bottom of that list.

I’m really into movies, again just about anything works for me.. but if you like horror and can quote a couple of lines from the princess bride I might give you a sticker.

I have an odd sense of humor, just think about this for a minute.. I’m a big fan of british comedy like python and mr. bean, and my favorite tv show is either aqua teen or family guy.. that should prepare you for the storm that is “me”.

I’ve walked through my life with very little to regret simply because I firmly believe that everything you experience, both good and bad, defines who you are as a person and if those things didn’t happen the way that they did, you wouldn’t be who you are today.. with that said, the only regret I have is the way I handled my last relationship.. I did not stand up for myself, I wasn’t nearly assertive enough and it may have made a difference! the good news is that I’m changing that part of who I am now and if it hadn’t been for the failure of my last relationship, those changes may never have happened.. so is it a regret? hard to say, I like to think not..

More than you ever wanted to know:

Who would I like to meet?

If you mean celebrity, it would EASILLY have to be TRENT REZNOR but hey, I’m going to take this chance to talk about the kind of person I like .. ;) I’m not that picky honestly, I get along with all people, but when it comes to the opposit sex, there are some physical and personality traits that click with me faster than others.. and there they are..

Now with all that said, I’m single but not looking to hook up with anyone, I’m far from being able to deal with a relationship right now, so don’t waste your time there.



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